How to reduce ink usage of eco solvent printer?

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 Ink of eco solvent printer is a consumable, and amount of ink used directly affects operating cost. Saving unnecessary ink means saving money. How can I reduce amount of ink used?
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1. Reduce number of times printer is turned on during use, because printhead needs to be cleaned every time it is restarted. Process of cleaning nozzle requires ink pump to pump out part of ink. Repeatedly pumping ink will inevitably lead to waste. Under normal circumstances, it is enough to use quick cleaning function, because other cleaning functions waste more ink.

2. If precision of picture is not very high, there is no need to choose high PASS printing mode, which is also useful for saving ink. Printing speed can also be optimized in economy printing mode.

3. It is necessary to regularly maintain large eco solvent printer to keep printer in good working condition to avoid printer stopping midway, resulting in waste of ink and materials.

4.Regularly check ink path to ensure that there is no blockage of ink path, otherwise it is easy to print out ink, and cleaning function must be used.
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