• stormjet-7180-x600
  • stormjet-7180-x600
  • stormjet-7180-x600
  • stormjet-7180-x600


Model :SJ-7180-DX6
Printhead:4*Epson DX6
Resolution :1440DPI
Print Speed:30sqm/h
Print Width:1800mm
Ink:Water Based Ink,Eco-Solvent Ink
Print Media :Roll to Roll, Leaf
RIP Software :Maintop5.3,Photoprint,ONYX,etc.

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1,Epson Printhead
New Epson Printhead with Varable Size of Droplet Technology,1440 dpi ourput.
2,Japanese Mute Guide Rail:
THK mute guide rail,low noise,excellent stability and long lifespan
3,High Quality Capping Station
With auto clean and moisture function,good effect can be achieved
4Brushless Motor
Bi-direction brushless motro,high accuracy and stable on moving.
5 Smart Feather Function
Greatly reduce Banding when printing
6,Auto CAD output
Compatible with CAD draft outpur directly.
7Six Color
Six color makes picture more vivid,and excellent preformance on color transition.
8 Support Different RIP Software
Compatible with Maintop,Photoprint,ONYX ect,More handy to use.

1,Four color printing,1.6m and 1.8m wide format output
2.Indoor and outdoor ink are both available, meeting different printing needs.
3.Multi-row pinch rollers ensure the machine can print with an accurate size of feeding media.
4.Printing resolution can reach to 1440dpi,even the word is small as 0.5mm.
5.Three different sizes of dots,achieving the complement of images,even under high speed or low resolution

 Large format printer application

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