• H1-3

H1-3 Digital Textile Printer

Printhead :3*EPS3200
Print Speed:118sqm/h
Print Width:1800mm
Ink:Dye Sublimation Ink
Print Media:Polyester
RIP Software:Maintop,Photoprint,Onyx,etc.

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1,Protect Printhead Function
During print,if the paper bulges suddenly,the printer will stop working immediately to protect printhead safety.
2,Import THK Mute Linear Guide
Import THK Mute Linear Guide,which makes the printer more stable,longer working life,lower noise.
3,Intelligent Feather Print
Unique 2D intelligent feather function eliminating banding effectively in printing,which improves printing quality obviously.
4,Variable Vlotage
Choose relevant voltage of printhead when the printer works in different term perature levels,which can avoid ink stop and misting problems.
5,Large Ink Tank 
Large ink tanks provide ink durably,keeping wide format high speed printing wonderfully.
6,Import Bi-Direction Motor
High-Resolution driver,linear encoder,higher resolution,fewer errors in length,more stable running.
7,RIP Software
Compatible with different kinds of printing software,intelligent design,support Maintop,Photoprint,ONYX,etc.
8,Intelligent Heating System
Heating speed is match to print speed,high effcient and saving energy.

1,Long Working Life 
2,Auto Cleaning 
3,High Stability 
4,High Effciency 
5,High Resolution
6,High Preformance



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