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Sublimation Ink

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Dye sublimation ink (also known as thermal transfer ink) makes the low energy, easy sublimation disperse ink into digital printing ink and prints on the transfer paper, then transfer image to fine porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics etc.In the shortest time by heating. It’s meets the requirements of both personalized market development and environmental protection.
Product characteristics of the thermal transfer ink
1.The chromatography is complete, the color is bright and the level is rich. Its effect can be comparable to the printing, the color intensity is good.
2.The color fastness, washing degree reaches above 4.5. The ink flows with fluency and the image does not fall off or crack. Besides, it’s strong light resistance, will not fade even for long time.
3.It doesn’t has toxic, side effects and pollution. It’s a type of environmental friendly ink..
4.18~24 months outdoor lifespan (uncoated) ensured by ace-high pigment strictest quality control.
5. Perfect fast drying formulation for high production mode.
6. Well-known for high color density and super stability.
7. Refined pigment particle size for keeping a fluent flow of ink.




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