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Printhead:6*EPSON I3200-A1
Printhead Resolution:3200DPI
Printing Speed:160sqm/h
Print Width:1800mm
Ink:Pigment Ink,Disperse Ink,Active Ink,Acid Ink
Printhead Property:Auto Cleaning, Flash and Moisturizing

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1.Low printing cost, the best choice for cotton roll printing.
2.Low printhead cost and high resolution.High speed and high productivity, 160㎡/h.
3.Full production line.Belt auto adjustment.
4.The super functional feed-in device adapts to a variety of materials.
5.Automatic ink wiping and moisturizing device to ensure the life of the printhead.Automatic ink level alarm system.
6.Automatic online washing of belt.Convenient and practical, low cost with super good quality

1,Long Working Life
2,Auto Cleaning
3,High Stability
4,High Effciency
5,High Resolution
6,High Preformance

Printhead Type:EPSON I3200-A1
Head Property:Auto cleaning, flash and moisturizing
Tested on linear print without feather
2pass  160㎡/h
4pass  92㎡/h
6pass  60㎡/h
Printing Width 1800mm
Ink Pigment Ink/Disperse Ink/Active Ink/Acid Ink
Moisture Mode Auto-capping Pump Moisture
Media Cotton  Hemp  Polyester  Silk
Media Transfer   Auto Tension Take-up Media System
Dryer Extra Heating System
Ink Supply System Negative Pressure Ink Supply System
Image Format JPG,TIFF,EPS,PDF...
Work Environment Temperature15-30℃   Humidity:45-95%
Power Rated voltage:AC220V    Frequency:50/60 HZ   9000W
Machine Size 3400*2100*1500mm 

 1862E-FEDAR Belt direct textile printer1862E-FEDAR Belt direct textile printer

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