• SUNIKA-2160S
  • SUNIKA-2160S
  • SUNIKA-2160S
  • SUNIKA-2160S
  • SUNIKA-2160S


Cartidge:Micro piezo printhead* 1 head
Print Width:1620mm(64")
Print Mode :720*720DPI, 720*1080DPI, 720*1440DPI
Ink type :Eco solvent ink; water-based ink
Heating system :Front, Middle, back three sections
Resolution :540,720,1440DPI
RIP software :Maintop, Photoprint, Onyx, Wasatch
Application Standrads :VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, UL 60950,CE Marking, CB Report

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1,CAD ourput function directly

2,Double four-color printing,1.62m wide format output.
3,Indoor and outdoor ink are both available,meeting different printing mode.
4,Multi-row pinch rollers ensure the machine can print with an accurate size of feeding media.
5,Originally imported slient guide,more stable,longer working life,lower noise and equipped with auto cutting system.
6,Unique two-dimension intelligent eclosion and wave printing function,eliminating BANDING  effectively during printing,improving printing quality obviously.
7,Printing resolution can reach to 1440DPI,even the word is small as 0.5mm.
8,Three different sizes of dots,achieving the complement of point technology,eliminating teh granular sensation of the images,even under high speed or low resolution mode,high quality images can be printed.
9,Own the most advanced EPSON intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing device,providing safe convenience printhead cleaning and maintaining function,easy to printing.

1,Epson DX5 Original Printhead

Adopting Epson DX5 printhead,variable droplet technology 1440DPI output.
2,Superb Quality Capping Station 
Clean,pump and moisturize automatically,It can also pump ink well and keep the ink flow fluently.
3,The Guide
Adopting original Japanese THK  slient guide,which makes the printer more stable even at a high speed.
4,Imported with Original Packaging
Dual-direction imported motors,high resolution dirver,linear encoder ,higher resolution in length,more stable running.
5,Large Capacity Ink Reservior
Equipped with 4 king-size-capacity ink reserviors ,each box independently provides two row's nozzles with ink,printing large format and vivid picture at great speed
6,Compatible in many Printing Software 
Intelligent designed,Maintop,Photoprint,Onyx,Wasatch softrip can be used in printers,supported by scientific operation,more handy to use.
7,Intelligent Eclosion Printing 
Unique two-dimension intelligent eclosion and wave printing function,eliminating BANDING effectively during printing,improving printing quality obviously.
8,Auto CAD engineering Drawing 
Compatible Auto CAD direct output function,easy to operate.


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