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Skycolor eco solvent ink, as environmental friendly ink with high security, low volatility, low to micro toxicity, high flash point, is a new type of solvent based ink for outdoor printing.
Product features:
(1) Stable ink flows with no clog and the viscosity is not easily affected by the change of temperature. Long time continuous ink output. The printing performance is stable with good adhesion and fast drying;
(2) The color brightness and color saturation is good with excellent color performance, the ink color is beautiful and vivid;
(3) The ink pigment sun-proof grade can reach 7 to 8 level, which has high sun-proof feature;
(4) The printed media is durable with strong water, scratch and friction resistance, the color is not easy to fade;
(5) The ink adopts imported raw materials. It’s with good dispersion stability, low corrosion to the printhead and prolong the service life of the head.
(6) The ink has long time outdoor durability and it can resist the impact of UV light to prevent the color fading;
(7) The ink does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone and other toxic solvents and it’s odorless without pollution and damage to the human;
(8) It’s with high compatibility and can be applied to a variety of printing media.
Product description:
The ink is with high fidelity color reduction and the color is not easy to change. It has a good batch printing stability, long-term preservation stability. Besides, it can still perform well in high, low temperature and it’s easy to store. So it’s environmental friendly solvent ink in the true sense.




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