• FEDAR-6196E
  • FEDAR-6196E
  • FEDAR-6196E
  • FEDAR-6196E
  • FEDAR-6196E


Printhead:6*EPS3200 ( 6 Epson 4720 )
Resolution :3200DPI
Print Speed:200sqm/h
Print Width:1900mm
Ink:Dye Sublimation Ink,Pigment Ink
Print Media :Transfer Paper ,Poster Paper
RIP Software :Maintop, Photoprint,Neostampa,Onyx,etc.

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1,Support 6 Epson head printing,Speed of 2 pass can reach up to 200sqm/h
2,Introduce Gigabit data transmission port,which can meet the demand of high resolution huge file transmission and guarantees the stability.
3,Adopt updated intergrated capping station module
4,dislocated carriage base plate is precision machined,which makes head position adjustment is more convenient.
5,Equipped with constant tention taking-up system with imported motor,which ensures that media taking-up tension is constant and stable from beginning to end,excellent taking-up effect can be achieved.
6,Name brand core parts with high quality,THK guide,NSK bearing,IGUS chain,LEADSHINE servo motor etc.,which composes stable FEDAR printing system and guarantees excellent output.

1.High Resolution Printhead
6 Epson3200 printhead,2 pass speed can reach up to 200㎡/h
2.Two-level Ink Supply System
Adopt two-level ink supply system to ensure continuous printing for a long time.
3.Intelligent Ink Starving Alarm
Reduces the tediousness of frequently checking the remaining amount of ink, and at the same time reminds to add ink in time.
4.Stable Media Feeding and Take-up System
Convenient and fast, the printing media is quickly stored, equipped with automatic paper measurement and anti-rubbing function.
5.Advanced Capping Station
Equipped with advanced intelligent auto printhead cleaning and moisturizing device,which can pump ink well and keep the ink flow fluently.
6.Foggy & VSDT Printing
Unique two-dimension intelligent foggy and wave-foggy function, and VSDT variable droplet technology, improve printing quality obviously.

Printer Model  FD6196E-3200
Printhead Type EPS3200 ( Epson 4720 heads )
Nozzle Qty 800*4lines*6pcs printheads
Height to Platform 2-5mm
Printing Speed Production Mode 2pass/360*1200dpi   200sqm/h
Average Mode 4pass/720*1200dpi   120sqm/h
High Resolution Mode 6pass/720*1800dpi   60sqm/h
Ink Color C M Y K
Type Dye Sublimation
supply method Siphoning
Max Printing Width 1900mm
Printing Media Transfer Paper
Media Transfer Method Auto air shaft feeding and take-up system
Drying Method External,Intelligent and air-heat Integrated drying system
Moisture Mode Fully sealed auto moisturing and cleaning
RIP Software Maintop6.0,Photoprint,Onyx,Wasatch and NeoStampa and etc.
Image Format JPG,TIF,PDF,BMP and etc.
Computer System WIN7 64bit/WIN10 64bit
Hardware Hard disk:500G (system disk more than 100G) 
GPU:ATI Discrete 
Memory:4G or more
CPU:Intel i5/i7 processor
Transmit Port Gigabit LAN
Work Environment Temperature 20-35 centi degree;  Humidity 35-65%
Power Input Voltage 210-230VAC  50/60HZ  16A
Printing system 1500W
Drying system Max power 9000W
Dimension Printer Dimension 3710*1500*1940mm
Packing Dimension 3860*1660*1325mm
Weight Net Weight 950KG
Gross Weight 1000KG

 Fedar Transfer Paper Printer Application

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