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Resolution :1440DPI/3200DPI
Print Speed:139sqm/h
Print Width:1800mm
Ink:Eco-solvent Ink,Water-based Ink,Sublimation Ink
Print Media :Roll to Roll, Leaf
RIP Software :Photoprint,ONYX,Wasatch,etc.

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1,Import Bi-Direction Moto
High-Resolution driver,linear encoder,higher resolution,fewer errors in length,more stable running.
2,Protect Printhead Function 
During print,if the paper takes up suddenly,the printer will stop working immediately to protect printhead safely.
3,Import THK Mute Linear Guide
Import THK Mute Linear Guide,which makes the printer more stable,longer working life,lower noise.
4,Chinese and English Operation LCD Display
Depend on your need,using English or Chinese language.
5,Front-Middle-Back 3 Steps Heating 
3 steps heating,making material pre-heat completely and print image more colorful.
6,Intelligent Feather Print
Unique two dimension intelligent eclosion function,eliminating banding effectively in printing,which improves printing quality obviously.
7,Memory Printout 
When you meet power off,restart the printer,it can print continuously.
8,Large Ink Tank
large ink tanks provide ink durably,keeping wide format high speed printing wonderfully.
9,RIP Software 
Compatible with different kinds of printing software,intelligent design,support Maintop,Photoprint,ONYX,Wasatch,etc.
10,Intelligent Dryer 
Drying speed is match to print speed,high efficient and saving energy.

Advantages of EPS3200 head:
1. With 3200 nozzles(8*400), printing speed can reach 80Sqm/H with 2 heads, it’s with higher speed and higher resolution than Dx5.
2. EPS3200 adopts TFP technology, smallest droplet is 2.5pl, variable dots technology, can ensure perfect high resolution printing effect.
3. EPS3200 head is available for water-based ink, eco solvent ink, solvent ink, sublimation ink, UV ink, pigment ink, it’s widely used in printing industry.
4. EPS3200 is MUCH CHEAPER than Dx5. Head replacement cost will be cheaper.
5. We are the only supplier of this EPS3200 head's decode board in China, that means all factories must take decode board from us.

Printhead Type:DX5
Printing Speed
Tested on linear print without feather
3pass  65㎡/h 2pass  139㎡/h 2pass  139㎡/h
4pass  53㎡/h 4pass  79㎡/h 4pass  79㎡/h
6pass  36㎡/h 6pass  54㎡/h 6pass  54㎡/h
Print Media PP PVC,Vinyl,Backlit,Mesh,etc
Ink Type Eco-solvent Ink,Water-based Ink Eco-solvent Ink,Water-based Ink Sublimation Ink,Water-based Ink
Ink Color CMYK
Computer Configuration Operate System:Win7/Win8   Interface:USB3.0
Hard Disk:More than 500G,ATI Mobility Radeon
CPU:Intel 4 i5 processor
Optional Device Intelligent Dryer,Auto Feeding and Take-up System,Anti-collision System
Work Environment TEMP.:15℃-30℃   Humidity:35%-65%
Machine Size 2793*952*16320mm
Print Width 1800mm
RIP Software Maintop5.3,Photoprint  12,Onyx 12
File Format JPG,TIFF,BMP,PDF,etc
Power Supply 220V    50/60 HZ   10A                  
Machine Weight 400KG

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